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Hi There!


I'm Jo Cowell, and that's my husband Greg on my right up above. We own + operate One Wines Inc. in beautiful Lake Chelan, Washington!

We kicked off this adventure over a stressed out post-economy-crash conversation back in 2008 that ended with this sentiment: we want to ENJOY life! 

As we brainstormed through the questions of "what to do?" (over a bottle of wine), "what can we do?" (second bottle is half gone), "what are we good at?", (third bottle is now open) - it hit us! 


We are damn good at drinking great wine! *gulp*

One cashed out 401k later and One Wines, Inc. was born. We've been supplying Lake Chelan with amazing wine ever since!






Side Note :

There's of course a longer more thrilling version of this story, but for those details you'll have to come in so I can tell it over a glass of wine. :) 

Hi There!

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Our Logo Meaning...

Our logo bottle contains lines that spell out "ONE" in Ogham. Ogham is an origin of ancient writing discovered in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and the Isle of Man from between the 4th and 6th centuries AD. 

The Ogham alphabet is thought to be named after the Irish god Ogma, and the tallies possibly evolved as a system for ancient accounting!

This all speaks to me, as I am Irish & Scottish, and my great grandpa lived on Copeland Isle off Ireland before migrating to the US by sneaking through Canada.

The only surviving traces of Ogham are inscriptions on stone, and I had the privilege of seeing them in person about 20 years ago. The experience definitely sparked some Irish magic in our logo!


We even go so far as to have our Wine Club members' names written in Ogham, and displayed on one of our walls!  

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